Single Review: I'm A Fool To Want You from Naama Gheber

Single:  I'm A Fool To Want You
Artist:  Naama Gheber

Jazz vocalist Naama Gheber is accompanied by pianist Ben Paterson on her interpretation of the classic tune "I'm A Fool To Want You," written by Frank Sinatra, Jack Wolf, and Joel Herron.  The tenderness in her voicing accentuates the haunting lilt in her timbres as she intones, "Can it be I need you / This must be wrong / It's so wrong / But right or wrong / I can't get along / Without you."  Her vocals linger on the lyric "without you," intimating a vulnerability that tugs on the heartstrings of her listeners.  Her sensitivity to express and share human wounds is piercing, demonstrating an elegance in her phrasing that epitomizes a feminine touch.  Her rendition evokes a rapport with her audience that penetrates the soul.

As a bridge between the pioneers of bluesy cabaret vocals from the 1930's and '40s and contemporary jazz vocals, Naama Gheber has carved out a unique position for herself.  Born in Beér Sheva, a southern city in the Negev desert of Israel, Gheber began by playing piano and then turned to being a singer.  She studied at the The Center for Jazz Studies in Tel Aviv, and then attended the jazz program at The New School For Performing Arts.  Her approach to singing combines speech therapy with classical vocal techniques, though the authenticity in her vocals to be sensitive and tender when carrying a lyric is a natural endowment.

Naama Gheber - vocals
Ben Paterson - piano


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