Album Review: Talking Hands from Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain

Album:  Talking Hands
Artists:  Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain
Label:  AIMREC

Talking Hands, from keyboardist Greg Hatza and tabla player Enayet Hossain, mixes the Asian textures of the tabla with the glittery radiance of the electronic keys.  The duo's rapport is magnetic with the pulsating beats of the tabla embellished by the resonating effects and sinuous curves of the electronic keys.

The recording launches with the title track, merging tribal beats with the rhapsodic banter of the keys, sprinting and flexing across the breadth of the track.  There is a conversational easiness to the chord movements that move further in "Crazy Calcutta Streets," harnessed in a percolating cadence, buoying the glittering effects of the keys, working as a sonic stimulant for the aural senses.

The strolling rhythm of "Sweet Shop" is layered in warm aesthetics that switches to gyrating shimmies across "Dark Matter," peppered in glinting effects.  The ride changes to an R&B shading in "Midnight Mood" with Hossain's tabla pumping out a funky groove and Hatza's keys quilting a mosaic of bursting shoots.  The instrumentation whips up serene sensations from start to finish, stirring the listener's endorphins in "Dialogue" and sending out pleasing emanations.

Greg Hatza and Enayet Hossain create a montage of cultural influences, celestial vibrations, and ethereal-toned effects.  Their rapport is magnetic, sending out pleasing emanations and stirring the listener's endorphins throughout their entire recording.

Greg Hatza - keyboards
Enayet Hossain - tabla


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